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MOTD: everyone try Bintr's new 2DDD!


Dec 9, 2018

New version of ddstats.exe released today. Major update. The entire core of ddstats.exe was rewritten in Go. This decision was made after falling in love with Go and getting irritated with dependency headaches that Visual Studio and C++ were giving me. The new version is mostly a straight recreation of the old version, however the code base is clean and organized. Also, I now get to use all the fun Go libraries that are available. The exe also now has a config file so users can use ddstats however they want. This is just the initial stage so that people can customize how they'd like the use the program. For instance, there is now an option to turn off Discord notifications when you get a PB and when you are above 1000 seconds. I hope everyone enjoys the new version! If you find bugs, please let me know by emailing me at or in any of the other ways people know how to get in touch with me. More coming soon!

*vhs ***